First Chair Promotion was founded as a public relations firm in 2007 by Amanda Ameer. Aiming to provide innovative initiatives in publicity, the company has been committed from its inception to breaking down the boundaries of traditional media opportunities. Working closely with clients and their teams to coordinate a broad career trajectory, First Chair identifies newsworthy performances, projects, recordings, and events and seeks targeted coverage while working to maintain a public profile for each artist in line with tailored strategy. Amanda Ameer /

Rooted in the belief that artistic endeavors require an integrated strategy throughout their processes both to become a reality and to reach an audience, First Chair Promotion began to offer project management in association with James Egelhofer in spring 2012. This project management work supplements and integrates with core artist management and the other structural elements of an artist’s team to focus on pursuits that require complex funding and implementation as well as nuanced and creative implementation models, whether they be recordings, commissions, collaborations, special presentations, artists working in multiple roles or fields, or anything else that falls outside of traditional business and/or artistic niches. James Egelhofer /